New York State Troopers


BREAKING: Growing number of NY State Troopers in our area in Troop A are signing the "opt-out" form prohibiting their PBA union dues from being used for political purposes (PAC fund of PBA of NY State Troopers).

Approaching HALF of A Troop rank & file has either signed or committed to signing the "opt-out" form.

Also, over 90% of the WNY sector of T-Troop (Thruway: Ripley to Rochester) has signed or say they will sign the form.

Again: most rank and file troopers want the PBA to issue a statement opposing NY SAFE as unconstitutional and therefore as an illegal law.

So far, union big shots have refused to do so, and the union's own membership is running out of patience.

Perhaps a look at the PBA political contributions to Andrew Cuomo may offer some insight. $49,500 from 2006-2010.

Sources say rank and file opposition to union leadership's tone-deafness is spreading "like wildfire" throughout State Police barracks throughout NY State.

If our Drama Queen governor's own police force opposes the law, that will be HUGE.
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